Personal Leadership Blog, Part One
Saturday, August 4, 2012

Currently, I’m taking EDL/500 through the University of Phoenix. This and the next few blog entries will serve as a type of reflection journal for class.

As a start to the long trail ahead of me to attain my Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership, I am truly looking forward to the journey ahead. It will be one of intellectual and personal growth. In the classroom, I feel as though I’ve come into my own, have found my voice, and continue to make meaningful lessons and activities. But, I also think there is certainly a lot left to learn.

Much of the program seems to center around the act of leadership and all of the attributes therein. That said, I suppose that in the realm of personal leadership, my interest reside in taking practical applications of the coursework material and spinning them into reality in the school environment.

I have a lot of interest in grant writing, infusing technology into classrooms in a meaningful way, publishing student work, and academic rigor. Now, at the start of the program and class, I am very interest to see how the logistics of becoming a teacher leader shake out when set against the challenges of public education. I am, however, optimistic. As a lifelong learner, this is an essential trait, one with which I hope to use as new projects and opportunities present themselves in this course and beyond.


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