Structural Frame Chart - Part 1
Monday, April 1, 2013

Within the organizational hierarchy of Frederick County Pubic School, Superintendent Dr. Theresa Alban is in charge of the education program for students. She, along with the elected Board of Education, having seven members, oversees the “big picture” of the direction of FCPS. Underneath Dr. Alban, are several departments. They include but are not limited to: Advanced Academics, Curriculum, Elementary, Middle, and High School, Special Education, Business Services, Technology Services, Human Resources, Facilities, Fiscal Services, and Transportation. Within each school, the principal is in charge of administrative duties. Principals are aided by one or more assistant principals. Within the front office of each school, guidance counselors and in some cases a school support teacher is included as well. In many cases, these are eleven or twelve-month positions. From this, the ten-month positions are rounded out with teachers.

The role, function and utility for teachers are standardized from school to school in Frederick County. Through a negotiated agreement that our representative body, Frederick County Teachers Association, with the BOE, teachers are contracted benefits, salaries, and planning time. Also, the agreement includes information on school discipline, implementation of curriculum, conduct, grievance procedures, and other human resources necessities. This creates a baseline with which certificated teaching staff can use to ensure that they are performing their job correctly. This is kind of like a rubric for teachers and a set of guidelines for administrators. It shows how much time for professional development meetings is allotted and how much teacher time is allotted by contract as well.

Accountability plays into the professional career of a teacher in a significant manner. Firstly, teachers are accountable to faithfully following the negotiated agreement. This is commonly referred to as “following the contract,” which can extend to work hours or teacher requirements when dealing with discipline or other issues. In addition, teachers are accountable for student progress. This is being ushered in the 2013-2014 school year. Twenty percent of a teacher’s evaluation is based on student performance and growth. Other Maryland counties have as much a 50%, however, FCPS feels that 20% is significant. The other 80% of a teacher’s accountability is spread throughout realms such as observations and evaluations.

The structural frame of FCPS fits the need of the school in an exceedingly good manner. FCPS has really developed its network of professionals into a very positive type of corporate culture. Among colleagues and associates, teachers have much aid in helping them do the best they can. Technology Services is available for technical support and help in planning integrated and infused lesson plans and units.  Additionally, Professional Development is on call to aid and observe new and inexperienced teachers as well as facilitate ongoing Maryland State Department of Education classes. Further, Curriculum is helpful for support with assessments and managing a rigorous battery of state standards.

Overall, FCPS’s structural network is both extensive and accessible. If any pressing needs were required, they would be presented in the superintendent’s budget. Internally, FCPS underwent an internal reorganization and looks to do the same with other departments in the coming months. It is very satisfactory to work for an organization as put-together, professional, and helpful as FCPS.


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