Symbolic Frame Chart - Part 1
Sunday, April 7, 2013

Regarding the implementation of a school’s mission and vision, one has to carefully dissect its effectiveness and employ within the symbolic frame. To what degree is this accomplished? Well, that is entirely dependent upon the strength of the organization, the scope of the goal, and the ambition of the stakeholders. In many cases, the symbolic frame “does the work” for stakeholders. As a school unit, effectiveness is moved from within its structure. I would liken this the study of semiotics. In semiotics the sign is interpreted as having or carrying a meaning. That said, in the symbolic frame, much of what is signified can be melded with that which is considered the signifier—the signifier being education.

Further, the heroes and heroines of a school using this frame are those personalities who themselves are symbols. This matching ideology mirrors the frame itself. So, for example, a charismatic principal or even memorable teacher could possibly fit the bill for this frame. Otherwise, the symbolic frame is known for having an almost representational meaning.

Finally, of all the rituals and ceremonies that are common within this context, the familiarity that graduation ceremonies create are perhaps the most notable. Also, spelling bees, sporting events, recognition ceremonies, and assemblies are contributors in this area as well.


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