Folks - Book One: History Repeats Itself

Spectacular tales of American history told with its biggest legends!

When the settlement of Roanoke, Virginia and its citizens mysteriously vanish, elder statesman Benjamin Franklin assembles a team of extraordinarily gifted and talented individuals to solve the disappearance of the lost city. The world's most antisocial giant lumberjack, Paul Bunyan, joins former slave and invulnerable steel drivin' man, John Henry, on an adventure across the purple mountain’s majesty and fruited plains of America to discover who or what is causing it all to disappear. But, these two would-be heroes have a perilous road ahead of them.

While on the trail for clues, Paul and John Henry are met with a legion of honorable and infamous Americans lost in time adding more intrigue to the secret of Roanoke than they ever thought possible. Along the way they’ll fight corrupt clergy at the Salem Witch Trials, hazard fine dining with the Donner Party, and hug trees with Johnny Appleseed.

Join Paul Bunyan and John Henry on their ridiculous romp through America's secret past in this captivating and historical whodunnit.

Cover illustration by Super Ugly.

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Folks - Book Two: The Uncivil War

Following the revelations of Book One, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and the rest of the folks are back for more high adventure as America's life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are once again in danger. Cloaked in shadow swirls a sinister force guiding the fate of the nation into open conflict. Their presence now revealed, the treasonous secret society of the Illuminati unleash Uncle Sam, the spirit of America itself, on Benjamin Franklin's team of living legends plunging the country into all-out civil war.

Paul and John Henry will have to use all of their wits to outwit this master tactician of military might as he endlessly plots and schemes to dismantle democracy itself. They'll have some help along the way from the terrible teenage poetry of Emily Dickinson, the time traveling Sons of Liberty, and make a visit to Uncle Tom's cabin.

Get back on the trail with Paul Bunyan and John Henry as they battle Uncle Sam's legions, proving themselves to be the true masters of modern warfare.

Cover illustration by Super Ugly.

Positive Disintegration

Teenager Max Rand has the world at his fingertips as he graduates high school. He’s got a loving family and a bright future as a genius-level inventor. Things can’t get any better for him. There is one problem, though. Max is an out of control egomaniac.

As Max pursues dreams of fame and success, he finds himself seeking guidance from a murderous ex-supervillain. Max spirals into a life of crime and mayhem, dragging his younger brother, David, and his loyal friend, Phillip, with him.

Max is positive that it is a good idea to be a bad guy. Even though life as he knows it is crumbling around him, he embraces his dark path of self-destruction. But destroying things are what supervillains do best, isn't it?

Cover illustration by Harold Jennett.

A Man About Town
in Magic Bullet Comics Newspaper

Magic Bullet is a free semi-annually published comic newspaper focused on presenting the work of independent and underground cartoonists and creators. Magic Bullet is distributed mainly in the greater Washington D.C. area. Copies are handed out for free at various comic conventions, including Small Press Expo, the Baltimore Comic-Con, the DC Conspiracy's own Counter Culture Fest, and many others. Copies can also be found in local comic shops and restaurants.

Magic Bullet is published through Plastic Farm Press and is presented by the DC Conspiracy. The DC Conspiracy features over 50 members who embody the best of creative comics talent in the Washington D.C. area. Their work runs the gamut from witty and literary works to comics which incorporate action, the mystical, and just plain nonsense. Individually they create, but collectively they work to expand comics readership and fraternity through anthologies, minis, and webcomics.

In collaboration with artist Michael Auger, a one-page short entitled A Man About Town is a cartoonish, humorous, offbeat “horror” story that follows a fateful night in the life of a serial murderer. A Man About Town was inspired by Stan Laurel's 1923 silent comedy of the same name and serves as a literary tip of the hat to horror giants Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

Illustrations by Michael Auger.

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Tax Returns

Inside this book are the words of The Stranger.

Perhaps you have heard of him. Rumor and whispers of a bygone age tell tale of an enigmatic figure from the myths of legend. Awakened from his ancient slumber, The Stranger stands as a man apart. He is a man who will stop at nothing to do what is right. Even if it means ending the world itself, The Stranger sets off down The Road to turn in his taxes.

Set amid the background of The Great War, his path is burdened with ancient terrors and unholy pizza boys. Wrought with the unfortunate prospect of being devoured by zombies, The stranger must battle his way along The Road fighting atomic bombs, velociraptors, and his mysterious nemesis Reznov.

Will The Stranger find The Vault and fulfill the prophecy? Also, where is Dave? None of this makes sense and, well, no one knows for sure.

Also included in this weird anthology are the essays "Cut and Paste" and "Landon's Squirrel Hunting Guide" along with the short story "The Island of Ignorance."

Co-written with Nathan Fox, Cameron Shanton, and Landon Wivell.
Cover illustration by Rafer Roberts.

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FOLKS - Book One: History Repeats Itself
Paperback, 254 pages
ISBN: 978-1-105-18504-5
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FOLKS Book Two - Coming in 2012!
Positive Disintegration by Adam Umak
Man About Town in Magic Bullet
Tax Returns
Paperback, 71 pages
ISBN: 978-1-304-31688-2
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