r/RedditGifts gets an upvote
Sunday, September 29, 2013

Each year r/RedditGifts solicits classroom teachers to create a Wish List through Amazon.com. The goal here is to put together a moderate selection of much-needed classroom materials so that Reddit users can donate supplies to schools across the world. Here is a brief excerpt from their site:

"Reddit gifts for the teachers is our annual program where teachers sign up who are in need of supplies for their classrooms, and nice people sign up to send them some supplies! There is no minimum or suggested value of these gifts, they can be as simple as some pencils or glue sticks - anything makes a difference and we need your help! Last year, participants from around the world sent almost $150,000 worth of supplies for teachers as the new school year started."

After lurking on Reddit for a year and then being a member for four years, I bit the bullet, signed up, and made a Wish List. Can I just tell you that my donor totally delivered? Wow.

I got an e-mail at the end of the day from Ms. Kurz, our administrative secretary, that said there were two big packages waiting for me in the front office. I knew what it was without a second of thought! After 7th Period, I hustled down and started opening the boxes like it was Christmas. Wow. Again.

My donor got my classroom a ton of cool stuff. A TON. LITERALLY. A TON. I received an electric pencil sharpener, some super cool traditional pencil sharpeners, some white board erasers, a big momma pack of Crayola colored pencils, and 3.5 POUNDS OF SWEDISH FISH. Plus, my donor (an awesome dude) included some hilarious notes for me about each gift.  Check it all out in my School Days photo gallery »

I would have posted about this sooner, but my laptop was getting a new hard case and was out of commission while getting repaired. Anyway, thanks so much to Reddit and my amazing donor. These are the kinds of things that renew my faith in humanity and the forseeable continuation of our species.

I am serious. This is just a huge deal to me. Aside from help from our Parent Teacher Association, no one has ever gotten me anything for my classroom. It is seriously a noble gesture. I mean it. Thank you for supporting teachers, students, lifelong learning, and public schools in Frederick County, Maryland.

The narwhal certainly bacons at midnight.


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